The Austrian NRN

The Austrian National Rural Network (NRN) started its activities in December 2008. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water, which is the Managing Authority (MA), selected a consortium of three partner organisations ...

  • Agrar.Projekt.Verein (APV)
  • Umweltdachverband (UWD)
  • ÖAR Regionalberatung GmbH

... to run the Network Support Unit (NSU)/Contact Point.

The consortium hosts the NSU secretariat, coordinates all NSU activities and is responsible for the areas of agriculture and forestry (axis 1), environmental issues (axis 2) and, deals with the themes of ‘quality of life’ and ‘diversification of the rural economy’ as well as Leader (axes 3 and 4).


WS Methoden (C) Netzwerk Land

Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives

The main objective of “Netzwerk Land” is:

  • To facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge between the different actors involved in rural development;
  • To coordinate and collect information at local, national and European level.
  • To avoid any unnecessary duplication of work, the network will build on previously established organisations and networks, which specialise in the different ‘axes’.

The operational tasks of the network include:

  • To develop transferable innovative and instructive practices in rural development;
  • To organise the exchange of experience and knowledge;
  • To produce training programmes for Local Action Groups (LAGs);
  • To provide technical assistance for interregional and transnational cooperation.


The NSU's ambition is to reach and include as many rural stakeholders and contributors as possible, hence no formal or exhaustive membership definition applies. In terms of the input of those actively involved, thematic support groups meet regularly to discuss programme Priorities as well as the website, publications and events/seminars in order so as to address the concerns of as many stakeholders as possible.